The Wanderlust Legion

A Brief History

The Wanderlust Legion was formed in PE 113 by a group of sellswords led by Reginus Garric. Originally a mercenary company, the Legion slowly grew and expanded their sphere of influence. By PE 202, they had established dominance in the mercenary business of Alnia. In 203, they absorbed the adventuring company known as the League of the Silver Dragon, and began shifting their interests from purely mercenary work to a more inclusive model. Their size was significant enough to allow them to provide non-members with incentives to join. Wanderlust_Legionnaire.jpg

At first, all the Legion could offer was discounted lodging at certain inns (accomplished by opening a special account at the inn that was paid every 3 months). They grew in both membership and influence enough that in PE 217, they began sponsoring shops around Ohma as well as inns and taverns, giving members great prices on adventuring gear, such as the all-important ten-foot pole. It was with this development that the Wanderlust Legion’s growth was launched into the stratosphere. Far and wide, most aspiring adventurers made their way to White City so they could join the world’s most powerful adventurers’ guild.

The year 244 marked the Legion’s most famous achievement, for it was from the Legion that the heroes who killed Kanathrax the Vile came. Keth the Mammoth Slayer, Morgan Half-Drow, Tavia Darkrose, Ezral the Witch King, and Vec the Gladiator united the peoples of Ohma into a grand army the likes of which hadn’t been seen since the fall of the Everlasting Empire of Rannica. They became heroes of the land, and their names went down in history. This only propelled the Wanderlust Legion to even greater success, as many young, eager gloryseekers flocked to their ranks in an effort to become legends as well.

Between then and now (PE 512), the Legion has enjoyed steady, continuous growth, even planting chapters in Katao and Ghulam. However, due to missions involving the freeing of Mathuin slaves, Westmark has criminalized membership in the guild. Any known Wanderlust Legion members are considered enemies of the state, and are executed on sight.


The Wanderlust Legion

The Wanderlust Legion PapaGoblin