A Brief History

This history uses the system of time reckoning created by the Everlasting Empire of Rannica. Large parts of history are divided into “Epochs” that are retroactively named by the Seat of Wisdom. When they are unnamed, Epochs are simply called “The Last Epoch” or “The Present Epoch.”

Foundation of the World (? – ?)


Each religion offers its own myths about the beginning of time and the universe. No one truly knows what took place in this most immemorial time.

At some point during this time, the Alfar are born in the Faerie, also called “Alfheim” in Skalding legends.

The Birthing Epoch (Over 25,000 years ago)

The world stands peaceful, the only sounds heard are those from the beasts and birds. The Alfar experience a diaspora that sees them expelled from the Faerie and come to the Material Plane, and with them come war, love, joy, hatred, hundreds of emotions. On the material plane, their innate magical abilities begin fading as their connection to the natural magic of the Faerie wanes. Cities are built, empires rise and fall, and histories are written and lost to time. Soon after their arrival, they learn to use magedust to tap into the powers of the Well. For centuries, the Alfar remain as the only sapient beings that walk the surface.

Centuries before the Alfar arrive, the dwarves begin carving out their first mines miles below the surface.


A Brief History

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