The world of Turann is aglow with divine influence and intervention. By and large, the religion to which one ascribes depends on one’s race and place of birth, though exceptions are numerous. While some version of polytheism dominates the theological landscape of the world, there exist henotheistic, dualistic, spiritual, and animistic cultures in the spaces between. While beings or forces called ‘gods’ are clearly real and can have demonstrable influence on the world and its people, the exact nature and source of these beings and forces is hotly debated among religious scholars.

The Rannican Gods

The official religion of the Rannican Empire has survived into the modern day with few permutations. Rannicans see the gods as distinct entities, with human-like desires, motivations, and behaviors. They marry, have children, wage war, and celebrate holidays.


Vandra is the goddess of victory and honor. Her title is Lady Victory. She is considered by most scholars to be one of the most powerful living gods. Faotim was her husband for a time, and Calvirian, the sun god, and Luto, the goddess of motherhood, are Faotim and Vandra’s children. Her sister Thryn is the goddess of slavery and is her eternal enemy. She is currently married to Rast, who fights an eternal war against Thryn. Dammarian is her son with Rast.


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