Varthas Amarthindir

Wood Elf Adventuring Healer, faithful of Calvirian


Varthas is an adventurous 175 year old wood elf eager to make his mark on the world, and stand as a shining beacon of Calvirian’s hope for all. He stands at about 4’8" tall and weighs about 105 lbs, He has a slender, rather androgynous figure. He has long forest green hair with striking dark purple eyes. His skin is a pale olive green. His complexion is noticeably smooth.
He is usually seen wearing moderately strong armor, almost bringing one to question how someone of his figure has the strength to wear it. He wields a slender blade in his main hand and a gleaming shield in his offhand. Alongside this of note is the odd blue earring on his right ear, and his god’s symbol on an amulet which he wears around his neck.


Varthas is a calm, determined individual that often lets his emotions drag him along as some follow a breeze, decisions and actions sometimes seeming pretty chaotic, though never in a way meant to harm innocent people. He values his freedom, besides that he is linked to his god. His background is questionable, steeped in murky conditions besides that he was once a normal wood elf, though it is clear he has truly ‘turned rogue’, seeing that he serves a god instead of the spirits, a more primal force held to by most wood elves. He puts others before himself when it matters most, and is a great ally to those he can trust.

Varthas Amarthindir

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