Rowan Greycastle



Rowan is a curious 17 year old human who seems to have seen a lot in her young life. She stands about 5’5" and is about 130lbs, she has a slim but athletic build. She has red hair and one blue and one green eye. She has a scar that goes over her left eye. She also has several scars on her forearms, that appear to be self inflicted, which would identify her as someone who uses blood magic.
She is usually seen wearing leather armor, that is dyed with blues, greys, and black coloratioins. She carries a long sword and a hand crossbow that appears to be always loaded. She has a heraldry symbol that is worn over her left breast, which denotes her as a member of the fallen Greycastle Noble House.


Rowan Greycastle is a 17 year old human female who seems to carry herself with pride and has a curiosity that seems to get her both into and out of trouble at times. Rowan is a girl of few words until you get to know her. She will speak her mind without thought, it seems as if she was never taught tact. Rowan seems to be comfortable anywhere she goes, but seems to be most comfotable in a graveyard or in a tavern.
Rowan has an uncanny knowlege of all things undead, and if she hears of undead in the area you can be sure that is where she can be found. Her fascination with undead is not from fear, but more of a curiosity.
Rowan is never seen far from her twin sister Darla, whom Rowan is fiercly protective of. Rowan wears the heraldry of the fallen Noble House Greycastle, which if the stories are true, have no members of that family left. Though one who is knowledgeable of history and noble houses, there is a rumor that a nursemaid was able to escape the house while it was under its final attack with the young twin daughters of Lord Greycastle, though the children have not been seen since the attack. The nursemaid was found having been killed in the forest just outside the Greycastle lands, if the babies had been hidden away it is presumed that they would have died, not being old enough to survive on their own. The more Rowan and her sister are seen around, the more the rumors seem to resurface that there may indeed have been survivors from the raid on the Greycastle house.

Rowan Greycastle

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